Press Release: Triple Axis launches in Southsea

Southsea based 3D printing business, Triple Axis, launches and will make the joys of 3D printing available to everyone with their 3D design, 3D printing and reverse engineering services.

Southsea, Hampshire – November 2019 – Triple Axis wants to get more people enjoying the benefits of 3D printing. They believe that the main two barriers that stop individuals and businesses enjoying the benefits of 3D printing are, number one, the lack of 3D design knowledge, and number two, access to a 3D printer. They aim to solve the first barrier with their 3D design service that can take a client’s sketches or plans and turn them into a 3D printable design. The second barrier will be solved thanks to their affordable 3D printing service. Owning a 3D printer can be a financial and time burden thanks to the learning and maintenance required. Triple Axis gives individuals and companies the option to outsource their 3D printing to ensure that the cost and distraction from their main business is kept to a minimum.

3D printing is a fantastic medium that allows objects to be created quicker and at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing processes such as injection moulding. Almost anything you can imagine can be 3D printed and is most useful for prototypes, unique or customised objects and small production runs. 3D printing is an international phenomenon, it’s a new medium that is here to stay and is growing and evolving every day.

The founder of Triple Axis, James Preen, has been in the industry since 2013 having previous run a local 3D printing retailer. After selling his shares in that business he’s now looking to make the maximum impact with 3D printing and states “I want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of 3D printing because I strongly believe it enables people to innovate more quickly. I believe the way to do this is not for everyone to own a 3D printer but for everyone to have access to one.”

If you would like to get something 3D printed, then please see the following link and get in touch: